Health Care Professionals Are Fluent In Medical Terminology

The Language of Medicine

Entering the world of medicine is much like entering another country in some regards. Each staff person plays an important role and contributes to the successful functioning of the hospital community. Professionals working in hospitals and other medical facilities also have another thing in common; they all know another language. This language is known as medical terminology and is widely used throughout the health care field.

How is this language used?

There are many positions available for employment in the medical industry, such as medical technicians, doctors, nurses, assistants, and so on. Medical terminology allows these professionals to communicate directly, specifically, and clearly about the circumstances of patients. This form of communication is used in paperwork and conversationally and enables employees to convey large amounts of complex information using fewer words.

These terms have prefixes and suffixes that convey a specific meaning and by analyzing this meaning you can begin to decode the definition of a word. Medical terminology can be difficult and intimidating initially, but after using it for awhile, it will become easier and easier.


During your studies to enter into the health care field, you will take many different classes that will prepare you to be competent in your career. You can be sure that you will study medical terminology and will find that it becomes integrated into your coursework as well. Through daily usage of these words and practicing, xou will build your confidence and ability.

There are free online classes available in this subject for the ambitious student or the curious laymen. Free online courses will include material that has been used in real college lectures and curriculum to give you access to a comprehensive medical terminology education. You will not receive and college credit for these classes, but they will help you to expand your knowledge and become more comfortable with the terminology.


Like any language that develops and is actively used, slang is also present in medical terminology. It is not uncommon for someone working in the field of health care to experience or use medical slang. Attention is being called to this issue though, as the general public becomes more aware of what this slang means since it has saturated popular culture. Hospital dramas often feature crude usage of these words, making it a less private form of communication.

Slang often happens in the form of an acronym, and can be problematic if used on patient forms. Medical staff is strongly encouraged to avoid any written use of this slang and to avoid unprofessional usage around patients. Usage of slang on paperwork can lead to the discovery of these coded messages by patients and lead to trouble for a medical facility.

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